Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Fit for Work #fitforwork

Below is a selection of "Fit for Work" tweets from the last couple of days.  People were encouraged to tweet the usual and the difficult parts of their day with the hashtag in order to show what life really can be like for disabled people and how the WCA is failing people.

These are just some of the tweets - chosen completely at random.  To view the hash tag click on #fitforwork.  Names are twitter names, but not linked due to the time and effort that would take but should be searchable on twitter.

I chose a "pretty" bowl as my sick bowl because I spend most days with my head in it #disabilitynormal #fitforwork http://t.co/flG6At - KimbellyBull

I'm #fitforwork but am out of the country caring for my #disabled dad 2 weeks of every 4. Employ me? - Gavroche2000

Even though you're tee-total, you sound and look drunk. Always a good look for potential employers.#fitforwork - Lou_Lou_Bird

If you ask me how many sick days I took in my last two years of work and I write 3 months+ will you employ me? #fitforwork - HellsBells265

I know I have a lot to offer a potential employer. I also know I will never be able to offer it in a work setting and the number of people who think this is somehow evidence of "low self-esteem" makes me really angry - ksej

Have spent the entire morning either crying with pain or stuck on the loo.  - Sharon_J

My wife has gone to get food. I'll be lucky if I eat half of it. Fortunately employers don't mind workers being constantly hypo - JulianYon

I don't know what time I can get to work and I will need a rest when I get there.  - LatentExistence

Numbness in my hands and fingers now, and shoulder pain. Really wants my bed! Any boss would sympathise right? #fitforwork - LongDogFerret

Guessing employers don't mind that you can't sit still or concentrate for more than a minute when the pain's driving you mad - Sharon_J

In order to function I take (prescription) class A narcotics. That's OK in the workplace, right? - LatentExistence

Listening to 5 playing telephone: "Daddy feels poorly" over and over. :/ -- #fitforwork? - JulianYon

Two Hons degrees..unable to recall colleagues' names,where they sit, office postal address etc 3 months into job. - GentleChaos

talking frequently induces 'choke-until-you-vomit' (sorry if TMI!) - StickmanCrips

I can't lift the full bottle of milk or full kettle to take my turn making tea. Co-workers won't mind, right?  - BatGirl

pain clinics, skin reactions to the lights in the office, son attacking staff - time off twice a week ok with you, then? - LonAitewalker

People asked my opinion, always included me, and never found me #boring when I was #fitforwork - longdogferret

Have just changed the bedsheets. I am now completely exhausted and wanting to crawl back under them.  Additionally, having to spend the day in my dressing gown as my skin is too sensitive and sore for clothes today. That's #fitforwork, right? - Mazzlestar

If a co-worker were to take just one of my pain pills, it would shut their brain down for a month (assuming they lived). - AdAstra45

My powerchair took almost 3 weeks to be fixed. I've had it back 10 days. It's making scary bad noises. - FunkyFairy22

I cant sit, stand or walk for long, got any jobs I can do from my bed? - HovellingHermit

I hope you won't mind finding me a clean area so that I can set up an aseptic trolley and hook up to an IV line when I'm dry. #fitforwork - Sharon_J

Just had my new manual wheelchair delivered. Anyone want to push me to my government allotted office every day? - QueenieJelly

"Can you explain why you're always 'sick' on Fridays?" Erm, because I've worked while sick for 4 consecutive days. - JulianYon

Of course when I struggle with mental health, I won't have a manager who think she's lucky as 'she can leave things at home' - HellyCopeland

PA took me to the docs and chemists. Regular health-related stuff during office hours shouldn't be a problem if you're #fitforwork - Batsgirl

"You do know your eyes are pointing in different directions, don't you?" #fitforwork - BendyGirl

keep walking outside whatever the weather's like because my brain doesn't like the artificial lighting, #fitforwork - Robbsart

I  know that you can always vomit just one more time #fitforwork - Suey2y

Can't move well enough to dress myself & no help today. Can't reach up to food or microwave so surviving from fridge - Bekijane

#fitforwork lose effective use of your left side if you get too hot. This lost me my last job cos they refused reasonable adjustments. - StickmanCrips

I'll take an hour for a toilet break to wash my hands, then get stuck in the toilet because I can't touch the door #fitforwork - Aliquant

When i was #fitforwork i didnt have to go to a shop & buy something in order to have contact with another human being - Opinion8ed_dyke

I'm lucky, I am #fitforwork cos I found work #fitforme . - QueerPup

Being #fitforwork is a privilege. A sensible society embraces everybody, including those who cannot work. - KindJourneys

You can be #fitforwork one day and unable to work the next. Good health is fragile and not guaranteed; it could be YOU next. - HovellingHermit

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