TBofB has undertaken a number of initiatives that need your support. The most recent is top of the list.

Project V - Tell Them How You Feel

PCC Complaint Against the Daily Mail

Call for Investigation of Chris Grayling

Early Day Motion on the Disability Living Allowance Consultation

Draft Letter to AMs (Wales)

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One Month Before Heartbreak

Submission on DLA Reform - Second Draft 

Petition the Minister for Disabled People to Recall the Public Consultation on DLA Reform

Legal Aid Cuts: How can people help to make a difference?

URGENT - e-mail MP with casting vote on housing benefit changes

Say NO! to DLA cuts - How to take part

Template Letter, PCC Complaint re: Jody McIntyre

Template Letter in Response to ILF

Stop DLA Reform! - Campaign Resource 

Step 3 of the Write-in Campaign to Stop DLA Reform - Write to the PM 


Visually Impaired said...

Hi I was wondering if you could look into the news that sex offenders are being lumped together in the work programme with vulnerable adults, and people with children that have to come into the wordkprogramme providers office.

And here is the publication from YMCA themselves

Visually Impaired said...

And could you please take a look at the training wage bill. which has a number of decidedly dodgy caveats

It is thought that the training wage bill could tiepeople into getting paid significantly lower wages than the National Minimum Wage.

truenews said...

judging by the benefits letter i got this morning there is no longer an over genrerous£10 christmas bonus is this new or is it no coincidence i didn't notice it last year either