Tuesday 8 November 2011

We'll Be Back Soon!

Dear all,

We at The Broken of Britain HQ are having a break for a while.  At the moment, we don't know how long we will be away for, but it will, most probably, be around a month.

Usually, we have someone manning (womanning!) the fort whilst others take a break, but at the moment, we all need some time away.

Various things, be they physical, mental, emotional, or life events, have left us rather frazzled, and we just cannot keep up with everything that we need to to run TBofB properly.

What we write about is so important to so many people, that we would rather not do it, than provide false or erroneous information.

Some of us will still be using Twitter and Facebook, or writing on our blogs, but there is no pressure on us to keep up with the pace on our own our personal accounts, as there is on The Broken of Britain's.

We very much hope you understand, and will still be supporting our cause when we get back.

All very best wishes,

Kali, Rhydian, Lisa, Sue and Melissa xx

Monday 7 November 2011

Pat's Petition

Pat Onions has submitted an e-petition to the government website. Pat is blind and Pat is also a carer. When we asked her why she submitted this petition she said -
We were determined to attend the Hardest Hit rally in Edinburgh. Determined, in spite of disability, to stand with the others who had made the long and difficult journey. Determined to show we were united as one voice against the vicious cuts we are all enduring. We knew there were many thousands who couldn’t make it. Disability, ill health or cost would prevent them coming. We made it.
To the many there and those who came in spirit……….this petition is for us all.
Pat’s petition reads –

Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families.

You can see the full petition on the Government website here 

The Broken of Britain are supporting Pat’s petition.  If Pat gets 100,000 signatures it could generate a debate in Parliament.

There is massive concern over the huge extent of both the welfare reforms and the cuts. Too often when people speak up, their voice is fragmented and discounted. This is an opportunity to get everyone together to speak with one voice, and to register in one place, how many people are asking the government to listen.

Firstly – obviously – we ask you to sign this petition and persuade all your family and friends to do the same. The name of the game is numbers ; so please ask friends, family and any organisations you belong to to sign and get others to sign.

When you sign the petition you will see buttons for twitter and facebook; so please share it with others on Twitter and Facebook.  Let Pat know she has your support by leaving a comment here too.
The first signatures will be the hardest to get, while we get this juggernaut rolling, so please help now and make sure that this petition really takes off.

This petition will only succeed if everyone joins together to support it and TBofB are delighted that  organisations are joining our ranks and offering support.

Organisations on board so far that have agreed to help raise awareness of Pat’s Petition are :

Disability Alliance
The Broken of Britain
Benefits and Work