Thursday 11 August 2011

BREAKING NEWS! DWP Admits Dodgy Data Use

On the same day the UK Statistics Authority say the DWP must improve the way it presents data on disability benefit claims the DWP is forced to admit that it based sweeping disability reforms affecting hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people on dodgy data.

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Volunteers for ESA documentary required

Anyone remember "Cathy Come Home"? 

Remember how gritty it was, and how it changed public perceptions? 

Now we have a chance to do a day by day, blow by blow account of being 
disabled, on benefits and terrified of the outcome of an upcoming WCA 
or ESA appeal. 

What will it involve? 
Spending time with you and your family (or the people you live with), 
and demonstrating the fears, risks and pitfalls and financial 
implications of the WCA and not getting the ESA. 

We are thinking that we may need 9 or 12 people, not all of which will 
be used, but if we have that many then we can hopefully get a true 
picture. There is no upper limit to volunteers, obviously, but the 
final piece will be editted to have the most powerful impact. 

It doesn't actually matter if your condition is mental health, 
physical health, constant, fluctuating or stable, or any combination 
of conditions. Or if you are a carer. 

Fear of the DWP may stop some people, but for those of us who have put 
our faces out there already, I dont know of one single person who has 
been targetted by the DWP, or any other organisation. 
In fact, having your story out there may actually work as protection. 

You will not be portrayed as fiddling the system if you are found fit 
for work, I suspect quite the opposite will happen and you will be 
shown to have significant problems that prevent you from being as 
employable as others on JSA. 

Its time the tide turned, and the producer is keen to do this. 

If you want more info,  you can email me, and we can chat about it, or 
use this thread. 

Can you also spread the word as much as possible to other sites? 

Ta very much, please feel free to contact us to discuss it if you are 
at all concerned,  or fascinated! 

You can view some of his work here to get a feel of it; 

contact me on