Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Pat Says "Our Voices Will Be Heard"

Since its launch in early November, Pat’s petition  has reached out to thousands of disabled people, carers and friends. Magnificent backing has come from all walks of life including charitable organisations, voluntary groups and my own MP! 

Far and wide it finds members of the public who care enough and want to help. It is going from strength to strength as more hear about it and want to sign. The offers of support from MIND, Disability Alliance, RNIB, RADAR and so many more, has been truly amazing. Their newsletters will be heard and seen by tens of thousands.

To my small band of ‘warriors’…..disabled or carers themselves, who have all been invaluable friends…….I thank you. You have all made this possible so keep spreading the petition.
Determination to succeed grows ever stronger. Money is, apparently, ‘needed’ elsewhere which the government deems ‘more important.’ The first to get hit, yet again, are those who can least afford it. So where do they get that money from? Of course there is no problem. They move our goal posts ever further apart and steal from those who can least afford it. Sorry – I don’t accept this – I say NO

I need YOUR  help to reach my target of 100,000, so take Pat’s petition and tell everyone.
Together……. ‘I’ becomes ‘we’ and our voices

Please sign and share this link with as many individuals, groups, charities and organisations that you can, and ask them to share it in newsletters.
Any questions can be sent to 
Pat Onions c/o admin@carerwatch.com