Friday 17 December 2010

Announcing "One Month Before Heartbreak"

I’ve been thinking about things that we can do to raise awareness of The Broken of Britain and our cause. This post is to announce our newest venture.
One Month Before Heartbreak
A Broken of Britain
14th – 16th January 2011

What is it?
It’s something a bit similar to Blogging Against Disablism Day (BADD). Although I will run this yearly if I need to, I’m really hoping not to need to. Basically it’s people getting together to all blog on a subject or a theme at a specified time. The hope is that by all writing at the same time it raises awareness and makes more of an impact.

Why One Month Before Heartbreak?
The consultation that’s currently ongoing about DLA reform ends on 14th February 2011. Which is Valentine’s Day, traditionally a day for love but which could severely affect disabled people if DLA reforms aren’t handled correctly. We need to ensure that our voices are heard. We’re holding this event a month before the consultation ends in order to raise awareness of the consultation and give people to chance to respond to it if they wish. Bendy Girl came up with the name of this event.

What do I do?
Basically, write about whatever you want. Obviously, it should have something to do with disability and it would be great if you could mention this event and Broken of Britain. You don’t need to write specifically about the DLA consultation and your personal experience. Those are welcome but this isn’t topic specific.
Nor do you need to write. You can do a video, a recording, write a poem, draw a picture, anything you want!
I plan to make space available on my own blog to anyone that doesn’t have somewhere to share and wants it.

Who can take part?
Anyone. You don’t need to be disabled or a carer or know a disabled person to take part. Nor do you need to live in the UK or be British. For our campaign and especially for this event to be successful we need to get this out to the wider community, including the international disabled community and the non disabled community.

What can I do to help?
Post on your blog, twitter, Facebook, any website you go on about this event. We need to people to know it’s happening. And keep doing so until the date comes. Use the #BofB hashtag on twitter.

I have a more concise version of this announcement people can repost if they wish. Comment here if you want it or let me know where you think it should be reposted.

Take part if you feel able. This event runs over three days in the hopes that more people will be able to contribute than if it was tied to a single day. It’s not necessary to participate each day although you can if you wish.
If you spot something to do with One Month Before Heartbreak that you like, tell the person who wrote or otherwise made it. Who doesn’t love feedback?
Equally if you spot something you like share the link so others see it.
More will be posted about this along with some other ideas on how to take part as we get closer to the time. Please let me know of any suggestions or ideas you have.

Language is important. However people have very different ideas about what is and isn’t acceptable. And they have their reasons for it. For example in some areas “disabled people” is acceptable but in others “people with disabilities” is considered more appropriate. Please respect that everyone has a choice. The Goldfish, creator of BADD, has given me permission to link to her Language of Disability Post which explains more about this.

And Finally…
Please don’t feel any pressure to take part or do more than you’re able to. I want people to stay safe and enjoy this!

Don’t forget the date!
One Month Before Heartbreak
A Broken of Britain
14th – 16th January 2011


Anonymous said...

Hello, can we get an event made on facebook for the broken of britain facebook page?Then all members of the page can share the event/dates with friends!

Emma said...

I've asked if someone who can access the facebook page to do that. Thanks for the suggestion - it's a great one!

Williamtheb said...

The attacks have already begun, engendered by the illegitamate, euthanasist, social darwinistic "culture" we now inhabit! Go to and view the MediaLens Forum for more comment from Williamtheb

Suzie said...

It is going to be a challenge to get deaf and HOH people to comment, I think a FB group page will be more accessible to them than a blog...

Gill said...

My son is 42 and he is registered blind and has mild learning and physical disabilities; he is also fairly deaf. He cannot go out alone, as his hearing isn’t good enough for him to be safe.

Despite his disabilities, my son contributes to society - he volunteers at his church and helps with reception at a charity. He is known for his cheerful and positive disposition, so that he has many friends who say it is a pleasure to be with him.

He lives in a residential care home with four other disabled people of similar age. Now we learn that people in residential care will lose their mobility allowance. The residents’ mobility allowances allow the home to run both a car and a minibus, so that the residents can go out as a group and individually. The latter is important as they are all individuals with different needs and likes. The loss of the mobility allowances will seriously reduce their quality of life.

The residents go out somewhere almost every day - to classes, swimming, shopping, for a walk in the country, or for a cup of tea or a drink in the pub, as well as to doctor’s and hospital appointments. Nothing extravagant. My son is fortunate in having family and friends nearby who visit him and who sometimes take him out. None of the others is in that position.

Our city council won't be able to afford to make up the difference. Probably they will tell us to use "Ring and Ride" (very inflexible) and the hospital car service.

Do we as a society really want people with disabilities to stay indoors almost all the time? to be cut off from learning opportunities and ordinary everyday activities? to lack stimulation, fresh air and exercise?

This government should be ashamed of itself.

Calsie said...

I think its disgraceful how the government treat people with disabilities. Its almost like the olden days when people were put in asylums as they was too much of a hassle for the community and now they are trying to take money that helps improve peoples quality of lives when the real problems with the country started with the banks.

I know how hard it is to go through the DLA forms to get rejected and have to appeal and they are making it so hard for people with genuine problems or situations which is disgusting.

We have a online forum for people who find themselves housebound at times due to suffering from specific conditions. We have first hand experience and one of our lovely members posted about this which is why I am posting.
The broken of britain also support the forum as we do them.

Calsie - Housebound Forums

DeusExMacintosh said...

Have blog, will swarm it...

Kristin Warry said...

I have just had my second access to work assessment - we never actually claimed the first time so I was still eligible, and find out they no longer will pay for a small trolley bag to cary my laptop, or for a trackball instead of a mouse, let alone contribute to a lighter weight laptop. With more jobs IT based, and those most likely to enable disbled people to work, how can this possibly be in line with official statements that access to work will be better tailored?

Florence said...

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