Friday, 10 December 2010

Write-in Campaign to Stop DLA Reform

This is a link to my letter to Maria Miller, Minister for Disabled People, on the subject of DLA reform. It's too big to post on here, but all disability blogs and sites are welcome to take it and run with it. Anybody wanting to send their own letter is welcome to snip bits from mine and paste it in their own letter. The students are getting all the attention and DLA reform is being brushed under the rug. Let's get the Minister for Disabled People, and our MPs, snowed in by letters so that we are not forgotten.

Just remember to put your own address on it, and cc: to your own MP. This is a very long letter - be warned - at 5 A4 pages. Some of the criticisms are personal to me depending on my degree in mathematics, so you may want to replace those points with your own. My own copy has just been e-mailed last night and posted this morning. If possible, I suggest that you post and e-mail too. Some MPs are very good at reading e-mails, some aren't, and Government ministers are awful. Remember to write to your MP too - I will put up a template for that shortly - and send them a copy of the letter you send to Maria Miller.

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