Saturday, 11 December 2010

Step 3 of the Write-in Campaign to Stop DLA Reform - Write to the PM

Step 3 is to write to the PM. You can do this on which has a form to do so. Unfortunately, the form is 1000 characters only, so I've produced a cut down message. Other steps are to contact members of the Cabinet and the Shadow Cabinet by changing one of the other templates posted. You can contact them at their addresses - only the PM has the webform.

Dear Prime Minister,

This e-mail is for your information. I will contact other Ministers in separately.

I am writing to urge you to instruct the Minister for Disabled People to recall the Public Consultation on Disability Living Allowance (DLA) reform, and to cease work on reform of this benefit, due to serious flaws in the consultation paper. As such, the consultation questions are deeply skewed and any answers will be likely to support wholesale reform. This is both unfair and unwise, and will cause hardship for many disabled people. Read a fuller argument at

I strongly advise you withdraw these policies. I hope that you will not construe this as a threat, but I suggest that you remember that there are 11 million disabled people in the UK. Our voting intentions will be strongly influenced by the fate of DLA. Remember also that the Conservatives fought the election on a pledge to protect DLA.

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andy said...

I wonder if you send this e mail to no 10 along with your full name and address you might find yourself on the wrong end of an assessment decision sooner than you think,Just a thought.