Friday, 7 October 2011

But You Don't Look Ill...

 Guest blog by ManicSleepTeacher
I’m livid! Abso-bloody-lutely steaming! Probably not in the right frame of mind to blog but I have to get rid of this anger.
This morning, I built up the confidence to go to an exercise/dance class. I had been encouraged to do this by my CPN to build my confidence, my psychologist to develop relationships outside of work and my psychiatrist as the anti-psychotic is causing me to gain weight at a rapidly alarming event. So last night, I booked a taxi to get me there as I can’t yet do buses.
This morning, the taxi arrived. I was initially pleased as it was a driver I’d seen before a few times on trips to work. I got in the car and we passed pleasantries. He asked me if I was off to work and I explained I was off to the leisure centre for a class. The conversation went like this:
Him: “On holiday?”
Me: “No, I’m currently off sick”
Him: “And you want me to take you to the Leisure Centre?”
Me: “Yes please”
Him: *Long pause*
Him: “You’re not too sick to go to the Leisure Centre then?”
Him: *Uncomfortable laugh*
Now I do remember the days when, if I’d had a day off school, I wasn’t allowed to go out to play afterwards (if you’re not well enough to go to school ….) but this sort of attitude is just indicative of the demonisation of people with disabilities or long term health problems that @BendyGirl and @Suey2y highlighted in the ‘Ask Ed Milliband’ session at the recent Labour Party Conference, the image that the Daily Fail perpetuates throughout it’s pages and that middle England appears to wholeheartedly believe.
I honestly felt like Jeremy Kyle was going to pop up and accuse me of spending his tax payers money on exercise classes before I reminded myself that I am fortunate enough to be able to work and pay taxes too.
The confidence building exercise was an abject failure. I did complete the class but feel shame not endorphins running through my veins.


DeusExMacintosh said...

{sings} "I said I wanna go to rehab, taxi said no - no - no!"


Anonymous said...

I remember early into my descent into madness going to a sports centre when I was off sick and my coach of 20 years telling me that if he was my boss he'd sack me. I slunk away.

After some time (a year? 2 years?) word reached me that he'd asked me to go back. I went back but he made a big thing of telling the class not to copy me because my skills were all out of date.

I left.

I used to be super-fit, in a small percentage at the top of those that practised my sport. I'm now a couch potato.

Anonymous said...

Well your lucky as the likes of myself aren't allowed to go anywhere other then the weekly shop without telling the DWP where I'm going and if it's allowed

Livi said...

No wonder you're fuming! That's awful!
The misinformation out there is horrendous and it's no wonder people are getting worse with the stress of it all

Barbara Kirk said...

There are some absolute scumbags in the world.