Thursday, 10 March 2011

List of 22 MPs who voted *AGAINST* the #WRB - #TBofB #LOITC #ProjV

12 MPs turned up 4 debate + 99 others who didn't, to vote = Commons that doesn't care about disabled people - with the notable exception of the following 22 MPs who voted against the Welfare Reform Bill. A huge thank you to TBofB Supporter Peter Lockhart for compiling this list for us.

Ronnie Campbell (Lab)
Katy Clark (Lab
Michael Connarty (Lab)
Jeremy Corbyn (Lab
Jon Cruddas (Lab)
Mark Durkan (SDLP)
Jonathan Edwards (PC)
Dai Havard (Lab)
Kelvin Hopkins (Lab)
Stewart Hosie (SNP)
Sian James (Lab)
Elfyn Llwyd (PC)
Naomi Long (Alliance)
Caroline Lucas (Green)
Angus MacNeil (SNP)
John McDonnell (Lab)
Angus Robertson (SNP)
Jim Sheridan (Lab)
Dennis Skinner (Lab)
Eilidh Whiteford (SNP)
Hywel Williams (PC) 
Mike Wood (Lab)

John McDonnell MP (Lab) tweeted: "Ed Miliband decided PLP should only vote for amendment to Tories Welfare cuts Bill & then abstain. It is so appalling I am voting against."



Jan said...

*sigh* John McDonnell... what might have been...

Useful info, thanks :).

Alex said...

12 MPs turned up 4 debate + 99 others who didn't.
Because nobody cares.

Helly Copeland said...

To put it into context.... The census that will be landing on your doormat over the next couple of days, failure to complete that 32 page booklet could result in a £1000 fine....

Yet a MP can skip on a vital welfare reform bill discussion... and there will be no comeback...

To me, this fails to represent our needs