Wednesday 2 February 2011

Anouncing Project V -Tell Them How You Feel

The consultation on Disability Living Allowance reform closes in just over a week, on Valentine's Day, and The Broken of Britain intends to keep up the pressure right to the very end. We're asking you to send your MP a Valentine card to remind them just how much you love them... or, alternatively, to remind them to oppose changes that will cause hardship for disabled people.

Along with the card, send the letter attached to this link. All you need to do on the letter is insert your MP's name, and your own name and address. You could either buy a cheap card and post it off to your MP, or you can print a free card. We want you to send your MP this card in time for the 14th of February and we suggest the following text:

Don't Break The Hearts Of Disabled People

The 14th of February is the closing date for the Public Consultation on the reform of Disability Living Allowance. The consultation is flawed, and biased towards an outcome that will cause hardship for disabled people in Britain. Please register your concern by signing EDM 1332 on the DLA Consultation.

This action is all about grabbing the attention of politicians and is, admittedly, a bit cheesy. But, assuming that you are not lactose intolerant, cheese can be useful!


Carer's feelings said...

I think we should write straight to No 10.Locally nothing seems to get noticed in my opinion.Sadly it is has also become quiet in the newspapers..

Rhydian said...

The Broken of Britain are working on those lines too, but it's important to keep the pressure at each level.

satdave said...

The mp for Blackpool North,Paul Maynard will not support any edm.In a reply to an email from myself,dated last July,he stated that unfortunately,i have taken the decision not to sign Early Day
Motions as i believe they are an ineffective means to hold Government to account,and they do not influence Government decisions.
Well from the above,i think we can say that he is not going to be on our side.

Robert said...

First of all writing to your MP is always better then writing to number ten, the reason Number ten under Blair had a private firm read all his letters, emails , they then send letters emails to departments, so if you wrote to say Cameron now about welfare, it would go to the DWP, to be answered by the ministers personal secretary of one of a dozen junior sectaries.

The best way is to write to the MP, then on the letter ask if you could ask a question.

Example would be why is DLA being removed when the disabled person needs this money to live, your MP can then go to the Minister and ask for your question to be given an answer.

I know it's rubbish but the Political system is set in stone, you can of course write to Cameron and place on the envelope personal for the attention of. But again it would be opened by a junior and read if believed serious enough passed to the PM.

For example I wrote to Maggie Thatcher about the ending of prescription charges, and also doctors fee's she was going to end one and charge for the other, she wrote back in her own hand writing, saying she would not be doing this now, since the affect on the poor would be to much.

I wrote to Blair, but had a reply from Ms Eagle the labour minister for the disabled, with a remark which said stop moaning and get a job, to many people think the tax payers have a duty to keep you.

Which I think says a lot for Labours lot.

But also if your a Tory or you know a Tory who backs your ideals then they will have a better chance of contacting the PM by placing the membership number on the envelope

Visually Impaired said...

Hi broken Britain I have sent a modified version of you letter to my M James Morris Halesowen and Rowley Regis. Will keep you informed as to what reply if any I get.

I Slightly altered your pdf. The adress of the house of commons was on the wrong side to send it via a window envelope. Well anyway thats something you might want to consider for further letters.


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