Tuesday, 22 February 2011

ANNOUNCING: #TBofBTT - Talking Tuesday, Thinking Thursday Writer's Series

I am pleased to announce the next phase of our ongoing Talking Tuesday, Thinking Thursday Twitter Campaign. This latest effort builds on the original Twitter Stories initiative from 2010 and the recent Project V (#ProjV) event.

In addition to our 140-character Twitter Stories, every Tuesday and Thursday, We will have guest posts on our TBofB Blog.
The topic is at the discretion of our Writers - a personal account of their lives or  work, an analysis of disability news or even  a funny story. We are being very flexible with regards to subject matter especially given the unpredictability of political actions of great concern to disabled people here in the UK. It's also important to stress that we will only edit for the sake of grammar and punctuation. We will not publish without the Writer's final review and consent, as we want to preserve their style and original meaning.

Our inaugural entry, Ill at Ease, is by Catherine Hughes.

Please support this effort by sharing and retweeting. The Twitter hashtag is #TBofBTT.

Lisa J. Ellwood

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