Saturday, 8 January 2011

Less than a week to go - One Month Before Heartbreak

I need to write a post with some more details of One Month Before Heartbreak, I really do.  Hopefully if I don't get that done tonight (I'm off out in about half an hour not sure for how long) I will get it up tomorrow.

But one really, really great thing you can do to help us promote One Month Before Heartbreak is to use this image that Lisa (@IconicImagery) made for us.  Put it on your blog.  Use it as your facebook profile pic or your avatar on twitter.  Or some other site that I either can't think of or don't know about (if you do think of another site, let me know. I'd hate to be missing a site I might love!)

It's a purple triangle point downwards with a big red heard in the middle and splatters around it, a bit like blood.  At the top is says 1 Month Before Heartbreak, at the bottom The Broken of Britain.  And I absolutely love it. Love it.


Jen said...

Pretty good design. But a little on the small side isn't it? Has she made one a bit larger, for greater impact?

Emma said...

There is a bigger version, I just posted this one as it's better for twitter, facebook etc. I think the link is on the facebook page, I'm not at home at the moment but I'll find it and edit this entry to include it when I get home in a few hours. Emma

Anonymous said...

Does this not just prove this Govt think we are not Human and we are not allowed simple Human Rights?

Katie Fraser said...

Great logo! I cannot wait to blog about the work I do , and maybe people may get a chance to forge links with us! I will use it on my profile on facebook soon!