Monday, 24 January 2011

A New Disability Rights Champion in the House of Lords

Dafydd Wigley promised to be a champion for disability rights as he took up his seat in the House of Lords today. Dafydd has a long record of campaigning on disability issues, including lobbying to ensure that access to polling stations were included in the Disability Discrimination Bill, and securing a compensation settlement for miners with lung disease. He was sponsor of the 1981 Disabled Persons Act and campaign manager for the 1986 Act, and vice chair of the All Party Parliamentary Disability Group for ten years. The Broken of Britain will work closely with him and existing members such as Tanni Grey-Thompson in campaigning for disability rights.

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Mo Stewart said...

Good. Now I can send another noble Lord a copy of my research demonstrating the abuses against disabled people by Atos Healthcare staff as permitted by the DWP. refers.
Keep up the good work.
Mozza x