Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Template Letter, PCC Complaint re: Jody McIntyre

Some of you have inquired about a possible template letter for registering a Complaint with the PCC about the Littlejohn Jody McIntyre feaure in the Daily Mai. You can use the one below as a guide.

PCC Complaints can be filed online here:


 Please note:
  • You are allowed to designate 1 email address to be forwarded a copy of your complaint in full. Please be aware that you will *only* receive a general acknowledgment to your own email, so try copying yourself (or a friend who can forward it to you) to have a full record.
  • You can also include the scanned image below from the paper itself (referred to in the letter):


You are required to cite which  clause or clauses of the PCC Editor's Code are relevant to your complaint. The key two are as follows:

PCC's Editors' Code, clauses 5i + 12i.  
The Code can be found here:


I am including details from all pertinent fields which require an answer.

For further reference:


When Frankie Boyle makes jokes about disabled people, the Mail complains. When Littlejohn does it, the Mail prints it - @MinorityThought


CCForm : <insert the email address to be copied>

Publication : Daily Mail

Publication Date : 14/12/2010

Headline : I want to go to the demo...

Hard copy : Yes

Online : Yes

Both : Yes

Link to article : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/columnists/article-1338336/Stockholm-suicide-bomber-Why-Luton-training-ground.html

Explanation :

I wish to formally file a complaint in reference to a Richard Littlejohn article and its accompanying cartoon illustration about a disabled protester, Jody McIntyre. The article in question appeared in today's Daily Mail in print and online as cited above. Attached for your reference is a scan of this material.

Richard Littlejohn and the Daily Mail are in breach of PCC's Editors' Code, clauses 5i + 12i. The article was discriminatory in tone and context. Furthermore, the journalist and the news organisation were insensitive and disrespectful towards the brutality of Mr. Jody McIntyre, himself a journalist and blogger, at the hands of the Metropolitan Police. Mr. Littlejohn and his employers display an unbalanced and wholly willful ignorance and inconsideration of the factual realities of the case.

This article is further evidence of the continued scapegoating and malicious attitude towards the Disabled in general by this publication.

Respectfully yours,

Lisa J. Ellwood

Clauses : PCC's Editors' Code, clauses 5i + 12i. 

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