Sunday, 24 October 2010

Very Dull's story

I am society
I will decide if you are disabled or not
By giving you forms and medicals and trips to the hospital
I will make buildings with stairs and inaccessible transport.
I will make unwritten rules so that if you behave differently you will be excluded and isolated from other people.

I am society
I am all powerful, I will make being normal a good thing and being different bad.
I will make laws to protect you, and benefits to provide you an income
But it will make it so hard to get these things they are just meaningless words on pieces of paper.
I am society, and I don’t like disability
Disability costs money
And I have better things to spend it on
I will make things difficult for you so you will want to become like everyone else because normal is good and different is bad.

I am a disabled person
And I don’t like you society
You make my life difficult,
But you know what society?
I’m on your case
Me and others, WE are on your case
We are disabled people
And we are fighting back
Together, we are stronger.
We are disabled people and we are living proof that difference is a good thing
Yes, we are not well, and yes we may need support that costs money
But let us tell you society
We ARE worth it.

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