Thursday, 28 October 2010

We need your help!

Initial thoughts, please can people add to this with their opinions of what is needed and match their own skills to them? 

Social Networking: People to manage twitter account, facebook account and other social networking tools eg digit, reddit, stumble upon.  Those 3 roles need to work closely together and would ideally be done by 1 or 2 people able to communicate with each other frequently. 

Forum moderators: helping to make all the users feel welcome, encourage interaction between members and delete or move inappropriate posts and threads.

Blog commenters; as this grows in popularity we will be attacked by certain sections of the blogosphere and media. The role of comment poster will be very important. It MUST be someone able to be courteous, polite, non party political and with relatively thick skin. Ideally several people could contribute. 

Film makers: The idea of a film with us holding up cards (in front of the face for those who fear being identified) with a strong soundtrack (probably the One song posted on the blog) will make a powerful impact on the world media. It should be relatively easy for people to contribute just by taking 2 photos of themselves, or webcam, but needs to be produced in a slick, media savvy manner. We need people with excellent technical skills to help. 

Admin/Pa’s: We need a few people able to handle the email and help to get stories onto the blog.

Researchers: We need experts who can study each area of the proposed cuts, in detail and produce summaries. Perhaps this is something those of us who are professional journalists can help with? We’ll need detailed breakdowns on how each area will affect different groups of people and how the overall impact will affect us. 

Writers: Those professional journalists who are in the NUJ are prohibited from working for free for the mainstream media. We need people who can pitch targeted stories to the wider press, the Guardian is great but unless we can get papers like the Telegraph to publish us we won’t win this battle. The Telegraph have published articles expressing concern that the cuts damage the wrong people. 

Social Policy Experts: What will the impact of a mass migration of disabled people out of expensive areas mean? How will this impact on the local authorities they are leaving and those forced to receive them? What will the costs be? 

PA’s/Carers: Do you have mental health problems but are physically fit and able? Could you perhaps offer some practical support to a physically disabled person? Can we physically disabled people offer more emotional support to those with mental health issues? One big problem with public demonstrations is that we do not have the PA support we need to enable us to attend. Can we create a carer pool of people who are able to support each other so we can consider organising local demo’s? 

Technical expertise: We can do this if we all contribute. Even if you only have 10 minutes a day, you can make a difference. Please go to our forum The Broken Of Britain.  Register. Add to the volunteering list the jobs you think will be important. Please see which roles match with your skills and offer to help with them.


silversapphire said...

I can help with Admin/PA if you need it.

Anonymous said...

I have lots of forum moderating experience. I was a moderator and membership registrar for the Association of Young People with ME's forum from 2001-2007.