Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Protest against Vodafone's £6 billion Tax Bill Dodge

Breaking news on Twitter is that protestors have been blocking Vodafone's flagship store in Oxford Street, London.

Copyright to Jonathan Warren - @nmec

Copyright to Jonathan Warren - @nmec
The protest is in regards to the £6 billion tax bill that Vodafone have managed to avoid in a deal with David Hartnett.

With the cuts being announced last week in the Comprehensive Spending Review, it was revealed that the welfare system was to face £7 billion worth of cuts, on top of the £11 billion that was announced in the summer.

The people that are now being affected the most are the vulnerable... which contradicts what David Cameron promised in May when he said that the cuts would not affect the poorest in society, the vulnerable.

It seems what was given with one hand, has been taken away with another.

Not only have Vodafone been let off a tax bill of £6 billion, but the banks, who were bailed out by the taxpayer, are now set to exploit a legal loophole that will allow them to avoid a £19 billion tax bill.

So our welfare cuts of £18 billion could easily be paid for if Government didn't roll over for the likes of Vodafone and the Banks

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