Thursday, 28 October 2010

We have a forum!

Huge thanks to Tony Martin for setting up our new forum for The Broken Of Britain

Everyone involved in this is a disabled person or a carer. We are all low on spoons. By sharing the burden we can make more noise, but please, bear with us. 

Access will not be perfect but we will do our best as quickly as we can. It will help if you can tell us what you need to make things accessible, it will help even more if you have the technical skills to make that happen and can volunteer any time.

Please, submit your stories. Do this in whatever format you wish. Video, audio, photographs, signed, sung, written. If you feel able to, put your name to it, if you don't feel able, please send your story anyway and we will submit it without a name.

Email your stories to

Thank you for your patience. Together we can shout loud enough to make a difference.


Fire Byrd said...

I am lucky, but I listen to people who are not in my place of work. I hate that these people I care about are getting such a rough deal. I cannot tell their stories it would be breaking client confidentiality. But i will feel angry at the injustice.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Could you tell us your story, from the point of view of someone trying to help? I think that would be very valuable. Thanks BG Xx

Anonymous said...

Please keep fighting for us. I'm doing what little I can elsewhere. I'm feeling very shocked by the things that people I thought were decent people are saying. The government's propaganda campaign has been extremely effective.

I am so very, very weary, and leadership from this site and a few other places on the net is keeping me from giving up.

Thank you.