Thursday, 10 February 2011

A DWP Plot to Derail #ProjV at The Broken of Britain?

This afternoon, the consultation on DLA reform was quietly extended to the 18th of February? This is slightly incovenient for us at The Broken of Britain, as our cur Project V efforts - twitter hashtag campaigns, cards to MPs - and last month's One Month Before Heartbreak blogswarm were based on the consultation closing on the 14th of February, Valentine's Day. Is Maria Miller so shaken by her massive failure yesterday that she has decided to derail The Broken of Britain by extending the consultation to a less symbolic closing date?

Of course, there is probably a better, but more mundane, story behind it all. Such as the fact that the electronic submission tool has not worked properly, and people are now being asked to e-mail , or some other equally boring explanation. Whatever the reason, we now have 4 more dayss of the DLA Reform consultation so let us use it well. Write, e,mail, and send a Valentine to your MPs, MSPs and AMs, asking them to oppose DLA reform, tweet your story at #ProjV, and use the extra time well!


Anonymous said...

Presidents Day....

Look at this "the NHS outcomes framework will measureRecovery /Quality of life exclusively in terms of employment rates for people with mental health problems

RockHorse said...

If BoB followed the example set by certain newspapers and ministerial press releases the headline of this article would be "Consultation Extended: It was the BoB wot won it!"

Seriously, in a way it's another example of the incompetence of the current administration but we have more time to redouble our efforts - perhaps with a reference to Valentine Cards being held up in the post!

And perhaps the vast majority of responses have objected to their plans and they're hoping that extra time might bring some supportive responses ;-)