Thursday, 10 February 2011

Chris Grayling's Webchat

In other news, Chris Grayling, Minister of Employment, took part in a webchat on the Rethink Talk site this morning. Whilst not a complete disaster compared to his colleague's miserable Live Q&A attempt yesterday, with some coherent answers, the webchat saw Mr. Grayling full of noise and fury, and yet signifying nothing, with nothing "new" on the agenda, only spin and empty words.


Loan said...

Thanks Rhydian, I was delighted to see that you complained (re. Grayling and the DWP inciting tabloid anti-disabled bile) via the Cabinet Office, in vain alas.

Unaware of your actions, I tried taking him to task about the same thing yesterday.

I'm very angry with Rethink for colluding with the Minister by helping him to avoid answering my question which actually proves he is inciting the tabloid bile vilifying the ill and disabled.
When the "web chat with Chris Grayling" was over, Rethink posted an email (at the DWP) whereby we can send our unanswered questions.
Consequently I have sent the following email to the Minister:
See -

Loan said...

The link above 404s, here's one which works instead: