Friday, 1 April 2011

Should we put our disabled daughter into care?

The CiF article for the Guardian by Nicola Clark (@dontplaymepayme) is well worth a read.


Robert said...

The simple answer well only you can decide.

But wondering off into people laugh at us, or people do not care or we did not get enough benefits, is simply well bull.

My wife was born with Spina Bifida, she has worked her whole life, because her employer was decent gave her a chance, in 1990 an accident at work left me Paraplegic, and then my daughter become a drug addict, she has three children, and the council says they are to be taken into care, we say no we will take them. Then we find out one of the children is Autistic, we get him onto the special education list.

Boy has it been hard it's been bloody difficult, but would we put him into care, no way.

are we finding it difficult yes we are, are we rich no we are broke, so why not put them into care, because we are the grand parents and this is what grand parents do they bring up grand kids when needed.

Rhydian said...

I find that a bit judgmental Robert. You have no way of knowing what Nick's experience is. Just because your grandchild is autistic, it doesn't give you the right to cast aspersions about her parenting - autism is a wide spectrum.

If Nick feels that she cannot cope given the the council offers no support, who are you to judge?

Robert said...

seeing as this is a media article from a news paper more then likely hand picked, I can be as judge mental as I like, I myself have serious disabilities one was when Autism was not seen as a disability, I was classed as being thick. I will judge people on what I read, and like it or not people who talk about? should I or should I not in the main are people who are writing in the media we are judged day and night by people, politicians and other disabled people.

As they use to say if the cap fits wear it.

Anonymous said...

If the coucils up and down the country are going to be persistant in this way on basically removing care in the community. I don't see much else for you to do. Some times we have to find the strength to act in a selfish way so as to save your own health for going down hill. Meaning what good would it do for your daughter if you yourself took a Mental break down. We all need time out at some point. Ultimatly only you can make that decision.

If only the able bodied fortunatly to be in work realised disability is 365 days a year. Disabled people and their carer's can't simply jump on a plane and go on hoilday for that time out period as many abled bodied people enjoy.