Monday, 28 March 2011

#TBofB on the way to The Commons

A short blog whilst we are on the train en route to London for this afternoon's The Broken of Britain meeting at The House of Commons.

Kaliya and I just want to thank everyone in the TBofB family for your support. We have been busy all week constructing our arguments. We will do our best and will let everyone know how we get on.

Rhydian Fôn James


Anonymous said...

Very best of luck and my thanks go with you for what you are doing for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Good luck and I pray that you can help us I really do because i am feeling lower and lower and like my life holds no meaning as I am hated just for being disabled

I have noticed on TV that when they mention the march last Saturday they never once have mentioned disability etc as being part of the cuts - Just local councils etc - And that disheartens me as to whether I am not just as doomed as I was before the march as the cuts are only seen as to public services etc and DLA and unfair ESA etc seem to have been forgotton within it.

Anonymous said...

Kaliya - YOu are one person whom I have faith in - Yu are amazing and I have hope that is held within you - Thank You

Patty Poo said...

I wish I was coming with you. I have been trying to get in touch with all party leaders, but they don't even bother replying.
I have a severly disabled daughter who has epiletic fits evrey day. I am ill myself with Crohns, Colitis, diabetis and I need both knees and a hip replaced. I am suffering and no one cares.
I am an invisable disabled carer.
Vulnerable and desperate.
Yet Walsall council have made my life much worse because of these cuts.
Have a look on my face book group called (Cameron and Clegg give desperate carers a fair deal like you promised.)
PAT X Good luck. Sock it to them.

ManicSleepTeacher said...

Hope you guys have a safe and comfortable trip. Really grateful for what you are doing on our behalf despite the personal cost in pain and spoons. Give 'em hell!

Much love and gentle hugs.
Debs x x

Anonymous said...

OK i just read this...

This says to me that one of the reasons DLA has more people claiming it in recent years is because they are saying people with self inflicted maladies like alcoholism and drug taking being the two I am looking at - The reason claiming has risen is these kind of ''disabilities''

Now i am sorry but I find it hard to accept that people who have drug-taken themselves into god knows where and people who have drunk themselves into a buggered up liver, and yes I feek the same about people who have smoked and smoked even thoguh every packets says how lethal that is but they are ok they say... I feel these people (whom continue in alot of cases especially smokers with COPD who moke until they die and yes I know a man on 24hr a day oxygen who has COPD who still smokes as does his wife.

These kinds of people are not in my eyes disabled in the same way as someone whose body has got a malady they did nothing to get like ME / MS / MD etc etc And if the Govt consider an alcoholic or drug addict etc disabled then that is what/ who they need to target not the people who lived and worked and did everything they could to get past their disability

I am sorry - that is just how i feel

And i feel nasty but i would also not waste NHS money 'fixing' them and giving them new lungs etc or whatever for them to continue and do it all over again. Yes I know food addiction is also an 'addiction' I myself have had it but I didnt get a gastric band no - I did it myself and lost half of my bodyweight with no help from anyone and after a gastric band i was told you get 2 plastic surgeries on NHS to fix the skin but as I didnt have one - I get no help at all

Seems fair

Hate me if you like I hate myself for my body giving out on me anyways (nothing to do with previous scoffing lol)

BrokenOfBritain said...

Anyone who follows TBofB is well aware to not believe the tabloid hype of articles like that one. It is very difficult to claim DLA and extensive medical documentation *is* needed. Anyone who has actually had to deal with the DWP, ATOS et al knows better. We share nore than enough factual information here on the blog and via other sources via our network. Defacto DLA fraud is 0.5 percent including mistakes made by the DWP themselves. It is these misconceptions and scaremongering tactics which we campaign against in addition to other disability and mental health-related issues.

JustAnotherNobody said...
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Anonymous said...

Thankyou for putting me right

RockHorse said...

Thank you, Kaliya and Rhydian, for going to The House of Commons to speak on behalf of all of us. I hope you'll be able to get a good rest once you're back home and we'll all look forward to reading your thoughts on the meeting and what happens next.


BrokenOfBritain said...

For *Anonymous* - Info about *number* of alcohol/drug abusers receiving DLA - Written answers & statements (