Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Left Out In The Cold - Keep An Eye On Them!

Legislators must be watched and monitored in order to make sure that they act in our best interest. You can watch Hywel Williams' MP Private Member's Debate at Westminster Hall from 9.30 am - 11 am by going here.

Yoou should definitely watch the Second Reading of the Welfare Reform Bill on the Parliament website, or on BBC Parliament which you can also stream online. The Reading may go on until 7pm, and is scheduled soon after PMQs. Remember to watch and make sure that disabled people aren't left out in the cold.


Adrian said...

Just watched the Westminster hall debate-looks like Labour will fight against the removal of the mobility component of DLA for residents/attendees at residential schools-Miller with the same stock answers -unsustainable,"ballooning" out of control-in a particularly hypocritical moment bemoaned the fact that anecdotal evidence suggested that some residential homes were not passing on the DLA to its residents-cue fake horror-some good arguments against broad thrusts of Government intentions-unanswered questions etc but I felt that supportive Tories provided cover for the Minister.Left more questions unanswered than answered but important to have a debate none the less.

Anonymous said...

cannot bear to watch it they will be laughing and jering at the possible loss of my LIFE - and they dont care i am nothing to them

They hate me, I am scum in their eyes and if they take my DLA (and they will) they will have just thrown away my life which is nothign to them but to the people who actually care about me - I am a litle more than nothing

Anonymous said...

Just found on a website:-

Questions were asked on DLA and it seems that the government have backed down on scrapping mobility payments for adults in care homes. Liam Byrne pushed IDS for confirmation which wasn't quite given, but it was certainly a stronger concessi...on than was given last week.

Many MPs had mentioned that DLA was in little need of reform. It was an occurring theme that announcing a 20% cut in the benefit before any assessment had taken place could only be viewed as a cost cutting measure and would understandably cause concern. I wondered if there might be a push to remove DLA from the WRB altogether as too many details were still too unclear

oncerns were raised over ATOS and the assessment process. IDS was pushed on whether he would reconsider inflicting regular assessments on those who's disabilities were lifelong or degenerative. this was one area he stood very firm on. He saw nothing wrong with assessing ANY benefit regularly.

he (Lab) amendment failed by 244 Ayes, 317 Noes. Where were the other 99 MPs? Again, I don't care about excuses. This is too important to miss.

So - Feeling really doomed and just feel like life is about over thanks to their lack of giving a t*ss about anybofy but themselves and their millions. I am nothing (Never thought I was a something TBH)

Shame that hardly any MPs cared enough to turn up