Saturday, 11 December 2010

Elaine's message to the Minister for Disability - YouTube Video

"been thinking about writing a letter after the declaration the disabled are not sustainable...and the fact she doesn't know what the impact will be. They don't seem to have a clue of the real misery it has caused many people, the suicidal feelings, attempts or planning. The abject misery of living in poverty with ill health and the fact people learn to laugh at it in their way of coping with the awfulness of it. I learnt to laugh about my acne and the nearly dying stuff when I first became too ill to properly function most of the time.

I've learnt to laugh about my predicaments the malnutrition, the rapes, the feeling abused by the system, for me to be able to not go totally demoralised and in need of ending my misery. I can compose myself takes a lot out of me and i have to laze about for a long time after, relaxing through the pain so I don't have to take medications that further challenge my body to function well enough to self care, psychologically at times it has made me wonder if the struggle is worth it. Although I have found ways through meditation to find bliss and let go of the pain that my body is in and my mind. I have kept positive and I am proud that I have survived this. Poverty is indeed a violent act to mete out on a person....especially when that person has no resource to fend for themselves enough to sustain themselves, not through lack of trying but through lack of adequate care when they are vulnerable.

I've just shared this on facebook it is the early hours of Thursday 9th December, 2010. 02.50 to be precise I have some roving pain and am going to try to sleep now. I have been able to a little better the last couple of nights..I am learning not to keep focus on things I can't do anything about, no matter how unpleasant or difficult they are...I guess being raped and dealing with the emotional backlash of that has been like training to get through this....I don't manage so well sometimes..."

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