Monday, 2 April 2012

How Gullible Are The Population? Guest blog by Hossylass

How gullible are the population?

Its official - 75% are.

We all know these people, they read it in the paper so it has to be true, we saw it on the news and the BBC don't lie, etc.
But I didn't think for a minute that over 3/4 of the population are so gullible.

We have ourselves been victims of propaganda, and know that it is true, these people do exist. 
Oddly they seem to be relieved when the news or the government or the papers dictate how to live their lives, what decisions to make, how to form their opinions. They need not just opportunities but they also crave direction, and lap it up with abandonment - the abandonment being their inability to recognise the cognitive dissonance that is going on inside their minds.

For those who don't know, cognitive dissonance is where you try and have two conflicting ideas at the same time, like nearly every disabled person could work, except for my auntie, and my sister, and the bloke down the road, and people who have MS, or Parkinson's, or cancer, or those horrid diseases.

The same people who are so easily swayed and have their opinions formed by newspapers or the tv, or government, are also the same ones who scream about the nanny state, without realising that they are so immature about forming their own educated opinion they are actually relying on Nanny to form their ideas for them.

No greater demonstration of this can be seen that the recent petrol fiasco.
There is no petrol fiasco, there is no shortage in the availability of petrol at this precise moment.
And there may never be a fuel crisis if the oil companies release their grip on the world's economy and allow other technologies.

The tanker drivers feel a need to strike - not over pay, but over health and safety issues.
These health and safety issues are quite probably the same issues that Camoron wants to dismiss as red tape.
But there are health and safety issues - petrol is a dangerous substance, as one lady in York found out, after listening to Nanny, she decided to stockpile petrol and consequently managed to set fire to herself.

So where is the 75% that are gullible? 
Well yesterday they were mainly sat in queues outside petrol stations.
Ok, so maybe gullible is the wrong word.

Maybe I meant brainwashed, mindless, stupid individuals with no more foresight than a stone.

This was an exercise by the Government to test the reaction of the populace - and it worked on a large number of them.
The Government must be hugging themselves.

This week spending is up, "hurrah!" shout the government - "there is no slow down in the economy, our plans are working, we are not heading back into another recession so yahboo sucks to you OECD".

This week they have shifted the anger about the budget to anger about the tanker drivers, and bemusement about pasties.

No more peeking at those rich people who have re-written the policies of Government by bunging Call-me-Dave a quarter of a million.

No, now the country is sat outside petrol stations like good little sheep, praying that the "talks" between the Government and the tanker drivers union means that the strike wont go ahead, but if it does, like boy scouts, they will be prepared, because our caring Government warned them, told them to fill up their cans, fill up their tanks and fuck over their neighbours by CAUSING a petrol crisis.

I don't think there will be a strike, I don't think there ever was going to be a strike. Strikes are the threat needed to get people to listen. 
Well mission accomplished, the threat of chaos that would be caused by a strike actually became a reality without the strike taking place.

Some would say that the Government cocked up.
I doubt it. I think they created a lovely little crisis so they had a good day to bury bad news.


Tim said...

Well put. The Goverment has very carefully engineered the whole situation and society fell for it (again)- the current government may claim to have killed off the Nanny, but what they mean is they have downgraded it to Nursery Assistant and put it on a part-time contract on the minimum wage. Whatever her job title, or however they dress her up, they still wheel out Nanny when society needs controlling/conditioning.

The Tories must feel invincible, their most evil plans must seem achievable right now - I can't see society putting up a fight over anything anymore, it just takes the Nannies medicine and does as its told. Its a sad time for this country, unless you are part of the elite, and not enough people care about that.

Jan said...

That's very interesting, because I read somewhere a while ago that 10% of people are always good, regardless of predominant trends, 10% are always bad, regardless of dominant trends, and 80% go with the flow and basically do as they're told. Perhaps the Milgram experiment is the best known demonstration of this. I believe that unless that 80% start being explicitly taught to develop their consciences and actually use them, our species is screwed, because the populace will always be taken advantage of by nefarious leaders.

Anonymous said...

A woman in York has suffered severe burns thanks to the quick fix ideas this government had. Is this the price to pay for these stupid ideas?