Monday, 9 January 2012

Julie Hesmondhalgh (Hayley, Coronation Street) on #spartacusreport

"This thorough and rigorous report based on proper consultation with the people who will be, in many cases, shockingly affected by the government's proposed changes to DLA and the introduction of PIP, should be right at the heart of any welfare reform.  The government's proposals are rash, short-sighted, inhumane and ultimately expensive.  The new system is already causing much stress and anxiety to so many people who are frankly dealing with enough." 

Julie Hesmondhalgh, actress, Coronation Street


Alan said...

well said julie,tory governments are always uncaring,they like to free up as much money as they can so they can cut taxe's for the rich at the poor's expense...thank's..

Anonymous said...

Spot on. I've emailed it to my MP, let's hope some of them listen. Absolutely sterling work from the team behind the report.