Saturday, 22 October 2011

Hardest Hit protests Today.

Today, up and down the country, sick and disabled people will be taking to the streets to raise awareness of the issues facing them in a series of "Hardest Hit" events.

After the brilliant success of the previous march in May, do please try to get along to your nearest rally. It was the largest protest of sick and disabled people in UK history.

Details of your local protest can be foundhere

And if you can't actually attend physically, there are lots of tips and suggestions here

Do please try to get along. Whether you are unwell, disabled or simply an able-bodied supporter, horrified by cuts that are leaving people terrified and desperate, please show your support.

For anyone who might be interested, I will be on Radio 5 Live tonight at 11pm discussing the events and the wider issues that make them necessary. It's a call-in show, so if you want to join the debate, I'd love to hear from you.

(Posted by Sue Marsh)


Anonymous said...

well i am banned from going out by the DWP to this sort of thing so therefore i have declare myself out
I am not well enough to attend anyhow but that's not the point the point is I'm told i have to stay in that's the point or face a complete loss of benefit that's the point
Libya looks quite promising as a nice place to live in the future theirs hope for me yet

I hope those that have attended don't get punished for doing so and just hope the organisers get a satisfactory result

I just hope sue you can win this battle as i know how much hard work you have put into this over the past year which has been truly remarkable

David Cameron is unlikely to pull off these reforms without a lot of pain and suffering and loss of life that i do know and it's that that we need to focus on as everything else will pail in to being of no importance whatsoever

lucia/not crzy said...

photos from the hardest hit march and rally in Leeds.

Anonymous said...

The way the conservatives see this type of action is that if you can go out to a function irrespective of what that function is then your fit for work and David Cameron /IDS wont budge from that view point