Friday, 30 September 2011

'Harriet' 1. Ed Miliband 0 Q&A at #Lab11


kyron said...

Bloody great. You had him a treat, Only wish you could of been heard more the mic was lacking. Thanks Harriet > for making my day. I know it's kali but it just shows how little he was listening.

DeusExMacintosh said...

Well done that Harriet! ;-)

definatelycharlie said...

Well done Harriet!

But isn't it frustrating.One would like to tell him that the opinions of people in his,or any other,constituency,only indicate what the public have been lead to believe.If that is wrong,then he needs to set it right,not try to gain popularity by pandering to it.
The reality is that only 0.5% of the sickness and disability budget is lost to fraud.People don't know this.Miliband should know it,though.But,he keeps going on about people on IB who could work.
This is totally beside the point.