Wednesday, 17 August 2011

No Men Of Honour

At The Broken of Britain we regularly receive emails from sick and disabled people in utter despair at the damage the cuts to benefits are causing to their lives. It's both the most difficult and most rewarding part of what we do. Although we are used to the fear and distress people are being put through, it's impossible for us to remain emotionally detached, and some cases are particularly hard to comprehend. Today is just one such example. A young woman with a life limiting, painful and severely disabling genetic condition is facing the prospect of losing her home due to the changes in the way local housing allowance is calculated. In her own words, she writes to the Prime Minister and Chancellor to remind them of their many, many promises to always protect the most vulnerable.

"And I want to say to British people clearly and frankly this; if you are elderly, if you are frail, if you are poor, if you are needy, a Conservative government will always look after you"
David Cameron 4.5.2010

"I have never felt lower. Because of changes to housing benefit, I've been reduced to a worrying mess. I face the possibility of being moved out of my flat that has an extra room for when I need a carer because the local housing allowance is dropping so much.

I'm entitled to a two-bedroom rate of housing benefit, but it's dropping so much, it will be lower than the one-bedroom rate I'm currently on. 

I'm too severely disabled to work. I cannot walk far, my condition is extremely painful, and I face unpredictable fluctuations in my disability where one day I may be unable to swallow properly, be able to get onto my feet, or even see properly. It is difficult enough to look after myself on a day to day basis, yet you are making it harder.
I receive DLA, Income Support and even Severe Disablement Allowance. Yet despite being acknowledged as one of the most deserving recipients of housing benefit, the office who deal with my benefit do not understand why I am to be one of the worst off, with no exception.

This morning I listed ten items to sell on eBay. These were presents I received last Christmas and on my last birthday. The items I am selling are two well made winter jumpers, some DVDs of films I enjoy, and three handbags (from high-street stores).
I don't have anything of big value I can sell, and although I love the clothes and watching the DVDs I am selling, I have nothing else nice that anyone else would want. I am looking around for other things to sell, as times are hard enough without the impending drop in housing benefit. 

You and George Osborne said you would not leave the infirm without help. Well, you've let me down, and many others too. You have gone back on your word, and you are no man of honour."


Anonymous said...

I believe that we - As a country were misled by this govt. Cameron stood there with a 'caring' look on his face and PROMISED to look after the disabled and the young and the old - That was all LIES. I believe that as they had no intention of helping the disabled - And instead they always knew they were going to vilify us and remove benefits and in all events - Wreck the lives of so many - Then they should be ousted from govt as they only got in by lying.

Yes all polititians lie - But they should NOT!
Because their lies are accepted like this - They carry on doing it - Lying about everything. What is the poinbt of them standing there telling us they will do this or that - Knowing the entire time that they have no intention at all of doing that if they are elected?

Its all lies.

This govt hates disabled people - Why - Because they do - We did nothing to them. Its not our fault were disabled! I know I didnt ask for this life! In fact i was very happy living the life I had before it was rudely removed from me. Why would anybody go through disability for fun??????? They wouldnt - They have lied in the papers about the fraud rates - They stand there and lie on TV.

In fact - They are worse than a burglar or something - As they invade every single part of our lives and would remove evrything and just leave us for dead. At least most burglars only want your TV or computer or something. They dont promise you anything either

Cameron should be ashamed of himself - How can you say your govt is transparent when you do this? Its not tranparent - He knew all along what he had planned for the 'underclasses' He does not like the - He is stood upon his multi millon pound pedestal looking down at the plebs and making them do more whilst the millionaires and banks and stuff do less and gain more. Its all about them - Their gang of millionaires - Ganging up on the poor.

They sicken me they really do. And govts should NOT be allowed to lie to the public. After all - If every word you say is a lie - why bother. Had he told us what he would REALLY do - Nobody would have voted for him - Therefore - As he tricked people into voting for him on false promises - In my eyes the entire election is nullified by his lies.

And if ALL polititians would have backbone and stand up for what is RIGHT and true - Then lies would not be needed.

WHO would vote for a liar?
I know I wouldnt!

notcrazy said...

i am assuming the person is receiving everything they are entitled to?

i despair of this government, i really do...

Anonymous said...

I was so moved by your mail and i think you were right to send it to Mr C and the chancellor. What are you going to do can you not get help from family or friends, god how i wish i could help you in someway.

Richard Brennan said...

As you have this person's email address, is it possible for people to donate money to her in some way? I can spare £10 or so.

LoopyS said...

As someone also severely disabled and in receipt of pretty much the same benefits, I can see from the list that the person in question is definitely getting everything that it is possible to get. There is simply no other financial help available.

If this person is in the same position as me however, a lot of this money simply makes a pit stop in my bank account before flying off to social services to pay for my care. Ironically this care would be free if I could work and was still earning 4 times what I get now! This is under the guise of so called "fairer charging" which I was unofficially told was a way to encourage people back to work. However according to government rhetoric only the rich pay. They don't mention that the very poorest, those on income support or income related incapacity benefit or ESA also have to pay.

To make matters worse, yet more of this money is due to go under current proposals for Universal Credit, leaving us a minimum of £30 a week worse off from 2013 onwards. The people this will affect are those in receipt of the highest rates of disability benefits, (ie those considered "most disabled" by the government). So much for looking after us.

I'm trying not to think about the consequences of PiP replacing DLA on top of that.

Anonymous said...

Now thats an idea a sort of disabled co-operative. have to be careful though. Put me down for a fiver cause that.s all i can spare

LoopyS said...

Giving individuals money isn't the solution though. (Not that I'm saying don't do it)

We need to strike at the heart of the problem. We need to make sure the system works so that not a single disabled person is in this sort of situation and should need money coming from the goodwill of others.

Uphill task? Certainly. But that is where we must concentrate our energy.

Anonymous said...

I agree LoopyS but we aint going to get nowt from Govt and if and when PIP replaces DLA things will only get worse i'm afraid, until then we must all try and find ways of helping each other

Anonymous said...