Monday, 1 August 2011

Let's Do The TimeWarp Again...

"Coercion, tears, government rhetoric, employment gap and welfare reform" from Disability Now.

It sounds like a contemporary article doesn't it? All the ingredients are there, a desire to reduce the number of those claiming IB, disability groups outraged and a complicit media readily producing articles on benefit scroungers.

Except this was 2007* not 2011. Not of course that you'd know that unless you were well informed enough to know who Peter Hain is** and that his tenure of the DWP was in 2007 under New Labour.

**Winner of the "I've been Tango'd political award"


Jon said...

Too right. It could be 1850, too, with all the b****cks about the undeserving poor. I've just written a bit here if you're interested.

Robert said...

I was on TV with Peter Hain talking about the closure of Remploy factories, he's a very arrogant person. New labour, old Labour, any Labour the leader requires, he's not called the hit man for nothing