Monday, 9 May 2011

Remind Your MP to Sign EDM 1756

The Welfare Reform Bill Committee discusses DLA reform proposals tomorrow. Remember to email your MP today in order to remind them to sign EDM 1756 opposing DLA reform in order to pressure the Government.


Mason Dixon, Autistic said...

My MP claims that he is unable to support Early Day Motions even when he wants to due to certain exemptions which apply to him.

Is this true that such exemptions exist or is he pulling a fast one?

Anonymous said...

My MP just says she doesn't sign them especially if they are pu up by Labour - so being a conservative she tows the party line and does absolutely diddly squat for her constituency. So basicaly she is as usefull as dogs muck! (Actually i can think of more uses for dogs muck!)

Anonymous said...

My mp from crawley doesn't sign them saying there expensive