Saturday, 9 April 2011

TBofB #fitforwork Part II: #TBofBworklifestory

The Broken of Britain are asking you to take part in the next phase of our awareness raising campaign about fitness to work. Our resident benefit scrounging diarists Kaliya Franklin & Sue Marsh wrote stories about their working lives. 

If anyone would like to do the same, please let us know and we'll add it to the TBofB Work Life Stories Blog currently under development.

Employment History by Kaliya Franklin originally posted on her personal blog  here

My Working Life by Sue Marsh on her personal blog  here

Please submit links to your blogs in a comment to this post. Otherwise email your stories to us at This is another project that will be an ongoing concern.

The primary Twitter hashtag for this is

Lisa J. Ellwood, TBofB


Anonymous said...

I posted my story on ouch, then read about this....

Anonymous said...

Before i got MS I was in training to teach aerobics. This was never in my future in my head - I was thinking of helping other overweight women to see how easy ity was to lose it and find fun in food and fitness... I wanted to tach and to be a personal trainer - I would have been a great tax payer and made good money - Had this not come along and trashed my dreams.

And yet I read what scum I am to this govt - Like I planned this - No way! Fitness was my life. I still grieve for being able to run and jump and walk and do so many things I cannot do now