Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Ned's Story

My son has complex care needs and has profound learning and severe physical disabilities.  As he's non verbal, I have to do this on his behalf.  Part of the time he is in registered care and receives Mobility Allowance.  He uses this to fund his wheelchair adapted vehicle - for hospital visits, coming back to us and social visits.  Because he is officially classed as in a 'nursing home' this is one of the few benefits he is eligible for - no Income Support etc. (we've checked all this out with welfare rights).  Mobility Allowance will be withdrawn from him under the governments Spending Review.  At the same time, the local council has withdrawn the 'Dial a Ride' scheme for lack of funds, so he will effectively be under house arrest as a result.  We've also just been told that because his existing care package is expensive it is being reviewed - it's expensive because he is very disabled - oxygen, gastrostomy, nursing care etc..

These cuts are real and affect real people, some of whom can't argue back themselves.  I do my own blog at http://nedluddcarer.blogspot.com/

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