Monday, 20 December 2010

The 12 Days Of Cripmas

The 12 Days Of Cripmas is a topical take of a classic carol listing the benefits and services currently being removed from disabled people in Britain. The lyrics were written by a user of the Ouch messageboards, sent to Where's The Benefit and the track produced and directed by BendyGirl of The Broken Of Britain. We're all incredibly proud of Imana our 11 yr old singing star who's mum has Multiple Sclerosis.

Happy Christmas to you from all of us at The Broken Of Britain and Where's The Benefit 

Please share this track everywhere and let's see if we can get it some national media attention!


Fire Byrd said...

I will pass this one to all the people I know in the UK including one journo.

Rory said...

Great, I attended a minor peacful protest in Maidstone the other week where we sang Twelve Dayd of Christmas but with a similar slight twist:

"Oh the first day of christmas the Con-Dems have to me
A three fold increase in my fees

On the second day of christmas the Con-De,s gave to me
And a three fold increase in my fees"

And so on. I'll pass this video on.

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