Thursday, 12 April 2012

Blue Badges For People Given Wheelchair Prescriptions

I recently lost my DLA higher rate mobility and was therefore unable to renew my blue badge. This has left me really struggling - just weeks after receiving a wheelchair from my local wheelchair service. I could try and apply but would have to go for a medical and reading the criteria I wouldn't qualify. Basically because I can walk across the carpark I can't have a blue badge, even though if I can't walk around the shop.
Already this has meant that my husband has had to push me half way across a stone carpark and when I go to guiding events I won't be able to park near to the entrance so I won't be able to use my wheelchair. On a trip to Filey I was unable to park where I wanted to be which meant I couldn't spend time with my kids in the way I and they wanted. Absolutely barmey when you consider that just over a month ago I received a prescription and voucher for a new wheelchair! The wheelchair had to sit in the car because I had to climb down steps and the extra painkillers I had to take as a result have caused 2 days of side effects.
It's crazy enough that I have lost my DLA mobility which has caused me considerable stress and has meant my parents have had to purchase me a new car but losing the blue badge has been a nightmare. The decision is a farce. They didn't write to my GP initially and when I asked for a reconsideration they contacted my GP asking her to comment on my dementia presumably because I have written about my memory problems. I'm 29 years old so it's fairly clear I don't have dementia i'm sure. To top it the letter saying there would be a delay as they wrote to my GP was addressed to the wrong address and was luckily found by one of my Brownie mums in the flats nearby which have half the same name!
Addressing the blue badge situation I have created a government e-petition as it seems totally ludicrous to me that you could be given a wheelchair and not be given a blue badge. It appears that in Scotland that I would have been given one so it's not an unreasonable request. If you'd be able to sign it it would be much appreciated.


Vix said...

You need to copy & paste the link to the petition. Just clicking it brings you back to this page.

madderbat said...

I got my Blue Badge before I got DLA. My GP filled in part of the application form and the County Council granted it.
I know that they are changing the rules, but depending where you live it may be worth talking to your doctor about it and applying again.

Electric Wheelchairs said...

It is great that responsible citizens like you really exert efforts in initiating signature petitions like this. Hopefully, you will keep doing inspiring pursuits for those who are having mobility problems.

Anonymous said...

Stop the blue badge scheme its a farce. If you can't walk cus your fat that's your own fault.

Henry said...

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